(Jdrama) Gakeppuchi Hotel 2018 [complete]

A once exclusive hotel in the outskirts well-known to only people in the know, is now on the brink of bankruptcy with a debt of 300 million yen, under the management of incapable and unmotivated staff. The diligent, rookie general manager Sakuri Sana is too young, the new patissier Hourai Haru
cannot read situations, the sous chef Eguchi Ryuji is obsessed with boat racing, the cleaner Yoshimura Naomi is an amenities thief,the bartender Edakawa Kozue is always drunk and the assistant general manager Tokisada Masao is suspected of embezzlement. Then an unlikely young man Ukai Naoya shows up as a mysterious guest, and the staff who only have an abundance of pride, regard him disagreeably. No one knows just yet that his arrival will overturn everything about this hotel...

Also Known as: Gakeppuchi Hoteru , Hotel on the Brink
Directors: Inomata Ryuichi
Screenwriters: Tsuchida Hideo
Genres: Business, Comedy, Drama
Episodes: 10
Aired: Apr 15, 2018 - ?
Aired On: Sunday
Network: NTV
Duration: 45 min.

Download Indo Hardsub:

episode 01 : 480p
episode 02 : 480p
episode 03 : 480p
episode 04 : 480p
episode 05 : 480p
episode 06 : 480p
episode 07 : 480p
episode 08 : 480p
episode 09 : 480p
episode 10 : 480p - end

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